Thursday, September 30, 2010

today's adventure

I got a library card today. Or as the guy behind the desk called it 'an inscription'. It was an interesting process. It started with me smiling apologetically and saying, "Sorry. I only speak English". A different librarian came over and we began. I gave him my license and some mail that proved I actually do live here even though my license is from Alberta. He then asked if Kilmeny wanted a library card. I said, 'no it's fine'. I mean, the girl does like her books but she's a little young to be let loose in a library. Her favorite activity to do with books other then look at them upside down is to chew on them. Yeah, I don't think that would go over very well. But he insisted and so my nine month old baby has a library card in her own name. She got a board book out of the deal which made me agree to it. 

After everything was signed, I was given the hours and rules. All in French. I was explained the fines and loan periods and wished a nice day. I have no idea what my library card says but it works like any other library card. Actually that's not true. I can figure out what it says. 
So then I went and perused the shelves and actually came home with some books. At first I was tempted to grab any book that had an English title but that would have made for a very heavy armful. I am excited. I can't wait to start reading again. 

The library is within walking distance, along tree-lined streets, beside houses with wrought iron spiral staircases and vibrant colored leaves. I can request books at home and jaunt down there to pick them up. It's a sweet deal. 
And that brings me to a question, what would you recommend? What books have been on your list for months? What books have inspired you? What books have shaped your life?

photo from Wellington, a piece of my heart is still there 

Monday, September 27, 2010

simple pleasures

I read my baby a book today. It was Winnie the Pooh. It was bought several years ago before there was any man in my life and before there was any baby to read it too. It was a hopeful purchase, rescued from a box of books at a garage sale. The four board books with their simple watercolor illustrations and humourous stories asked to be taken home and put away for someday. Today was that day. 

Story time followed tea time complete with fresh from the oven bread and jam accompanied by orange pekoe tea. The sky is grey and it's raining but we're cozy and loved inside. Grateful for God's grace and the gifts He has given us. 

- her smiles 

- her laugh and the way she buries her head in my shoulder

 - this house which has become a home 

- nap time for all of us 

- my husband who doesn't mind mascara on his shoulder when I cry there

- crying together at the tender parts of a movie 

- conversation over tea and bread 

- my husband taking care of my little girl 

- feeling utterly overwhelmed and knowing its okay 

- acting in the grace I have for today 

- singing my Lord's praises for He is why I live 


photos: memories from Keegan and Kirsten's visit   
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holy experience

Saturday, September 25, 2010

apple picking in Quebec

 It was Monday morning. We headed out of the house in high spirits having stuffed ourselves on homemade doughnuts the night before. To stave off hunger pangs until breakfast, we munched on the ones that were leftover while we put together a lunch and got ready to go. Our first stop was for bagels at Fairmont Bagel. 
They lived up to what we'd heard about them, our only regret was that we hadn't ordered more. 
Most of the orchards were closed on Mondays so we headed to the one that we knew was open and figured they would have apples to pick or at least know another orchard. We weren't disappointed. 
After tasting some of their cider, they told us about an orchard some friends of theirs ran, it was close by and had great apples. We drove along quiet country roads, through quaint small towns, reveling in the fall colors and the peacefulness of the country. It was nice to see cows again. ;-)

We picked two bags full in no time flat. Keegan hoisted Kirsten on his shoulders to pick from some of the higher branches. Kilmeny was quite happy to play on the grass and watch us. It brought back a lot of memories from our apple-thinning experience in New Zealand and to complete the nostalgic feeling, there was a herd of sheep next door.  

There was a smattering of picnic tables and we enjoyed our lunch in full view of the Green Mountains in Vermont. The lady at the farm spoke hardly any English but Jared was able to communicate with her that we wanted to pick apples and got some fresh apple juice for lunch. Ahh, bliss in a glass! 

It was the perfect September outing. And it was such a treat to share it with Keegan and Kirsten!

Friday, September 24, 2010

goodbye summer, hello autumn

It's a drizzly grey day out there. We're wearing slippers and savoring the morning coffee just a little more, wrapping our hands around the warm mug. Sweaters are making more then just a casual appearance and the smell of wood fire is in the air. 

I love this time of year. The leaves changing, the nip in the air, the lamplight in the evenings. It is so refreshing after the hot and humid summer. And with the cool weather comes warm soups and stews, pies and other savory treats. 

One of my favorite autumn meals is a bowl of hearty soup with fresh bread. Mmm. I made a big pot of minestrone soup chock full of colorful vegetables, hearty beans and dried herbs from this summer. It simmered all morning and we dug into it with fresh from the oven sourdough bread. The soup has been served for several lunches and a quick go-to supper. It has had various add-ins with leftovers from other meals all serving to add to the flavor. 

Autumn brings about all kinds of good reasons to be in the kitchen a little longer. New recipes to try out and old ones to remember. Clam chowder is one of my new favorites, the recipe I use has about five ingredients, goes together quickly and the flavor is good till the last drop. I'm anticipating making little pies, reminiscent of  our time in New Zealand and trying out some of Quebec's local traditional food. 

What are your favorite autumn recipes? 

photo by my amazing husband

Monday, September 20, 2010

4,000 words


faithfully I am yours,
from now until forever
faithfully, I will write 
write you a love song with my life 
cause this kind of love's worth waiting for

I love you, Jared. And I will keep dreaming with you and living this life we call ours.

memories and moments

It was special to be surrounded by so many friends and family as we took our vows. And it was very special to have some of our close friends and siblings stand up with us and support us. I love these people so much.

My sisters. We've been a threesome for as long as I can remember and I knew there was no one else I wanted as my maids of honor. They both did so much for me during our courtship, engagement and wedding. So many precious memories. I love you girls.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Memories and Moments from our Ceremony

We had some dear friends give us the gift of their music. We didn't know that this would be the last wedding that Mr. Langemann would sing and play at, it was an honor and a very special memory.

 The adorables. They sprinkled rose petals while the theme from Neverland played. And the whole time we were on our trip, I could not listen to that music without tearing up and having an ache for all my little siblings.
 We washed each other's feet while Faithfully by Eric and Leslie Ludy was playing as a symbol of our love and desire to serve each other. It was an incredible, humbling experience.

For our first kiss, our attendants surrounded us. We did not know they were going to do this and I, uh, didn't know they were there until we finished kissing.

Jared surprised me by singing me a song he had written for me. It was so special. It made me cry and smile at the same time.There were a lot of special elements that we chose to do to make our wedding day memorable from the lighting, the music and the way we set the chairs to encircle us. It was incredibly beautiful.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

memories and moments

The morning of our wedding was a really special time for me. We had set aside a lot of time to get ready and once we were at the hall, things flowed smoothly. It was a precious time of preparing for my wedding with my sisters and some of my closest friends. Those hours spent together amidst curling hair, painting nails and getting ready are among some of my precious memories from our wedding. It was really the last time that I would be 'one of the girls'. I would be with them again, yes, but I would be married. The gifts of my friends to do hair, co-ordinate the wedding and stand up with me are ones I still treasure.

 Kimberly came all the way from Mississippi to do my hair. She is a friend of the Moshers and has became a friend of mine. I was deeply honored that she would come to our wedding and that she would do my hair. I trusted her completely and I love what she did. She is a sweetheart!

 This is a priceless shot to me. When I was four and a flower girl in my aunt's wedding, one of the clearest memories is her putting makeup on me, I always knew I wanted to do that to my flowergirls someday and I did. =)
 The guys were getting ready in the same building. Once I knew Jared was there, I got excited. Ask the girls. I was kinda giddy.

 Chloe and Lydia were incredible. Lydia co-ordinated the day and was my brain for several weeks when I sent her multiple blank emails that were supposed to contain useful information. It was a fun time planning everything out with her and I'm so grateful for her. Chloe helped Kendra with the flowers and pitched in and did several girls' hair. It was fun having her there on the morning.
 I love this woman. My mother-in-law. She is strong and gentle and welcomed me into her heart with no reservations. And gave me the gift of her son.

 We had a praise and worship time before the ceremony instead of the usual prelude. Here we are all ready to go and listening to all those people sing!

 This was one of my 'I'm getting married today!!!' moments.
 Love, love, love my Mom so much. She put countless hours in making my dress and veil and dealing with all kinds of details. And listening to me process everything. She is amazing.

All ready. A time of prayer together before we walked out and walked down the aisle. 

photos by Cole and Elisia, our candid photographer


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