Friday, September 17, 2010

Memories and Moments from our Ceremony

We had some dear friends give us the gift of their music. We didn't know that this would be the last wedding that Mr. Langemann would sing and play at, it was an honor and a very special memory.

 The adorables. They sprinkled rose petals while the theme from Neverland played. And the whole time we were on our trip, I could not listen to that music without tearing up and having an ache for all my little siblings.
 We washed each other's feet while Faithfully by Eric and Leslie Ludy was playing as a symbol of our love and desire to serve each other. It was an incredible, humbling experience.

For our first kiss, our attendants surrounded us. We did not know they were going to do this and I, uh, didn't know they were there until we finished kissing.

Jared surprised me by singing me a song he had written for me. It was so special. It made me cry and smile at the same time.There were a lot of special elements that we chose to do to make our wedding day memorable from the lighting, the music and the way we set the chairs to encircle us. It was incredibly beautiful.


  1. what creative special ideas! I love the elements you used in your wedding. Kevin and I had Communion and praise and worship as part of our service (which was well over an hour!) but I wouldn't have changed a single detail, those are the beautiful things I remember most!

  2. So lovely to see more wedding photos of your special day! :) Thanks you too and hope you're having a great time up north. :)

  3. I loved the set-up... I was expecting to be quite nervous, but because of the dim lighting and surrounding of the congregation, I felt quite at ease! My previously-nervous-and-unable-to-eat stomach even started growling! :-P

    (Btw, if you have a moment, you should check my blog :-)



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