Thursday, September 16, 2010

memories and moments

The morning of our wedding was a really special time for me. We had set aside a lot of time to get ready and once we were at the hall, things flowed smoothly. It was a precious time of preparing for my wedding with my sisters and some of my closest friends. Those hours spent together amidst curling hair, painting nails and getting ready are among some of my precious memories from our wedding. It was really the last time that I would be 'one of the girls'. I would be with them again, yes, but I would be married. The gifts of my friends to do hair, co-ordinate the wedding and stand up with me are ones I still treasure.

 Kimberly came all the way from Mississippi to do my hair. She is a friend of the Moshers and has became a friend of mine. I was deeply honored that she would come to our wedding and that she would do my hair. I trusted her completely and I love what she did. She is a sweetheart!

 This is a priceless shot to me. When I was four and a flower girl in my aunt's wedding, one of the clearest memories is her putting makeup on me, I always knew I wanted to do that to my flowergirls someday and I did. =)
 The guys were getting ready in the same building. Once I knew Jared was there, I got excited. Ask the girls. I was kinda giddy.

 Chloe and Lydia were incredible. Lydia co-ordinated the day and was my brain for several weeks when I sent her multiple blank emails that were supposed to contain useful information. It was a fun time planning everything out with her and I'm so grateful for her. Chloe helped Kendra with the flowers and pitched in and did several girls' hair. It was fun having her there on the morning.
 I love this woman. My mother-in-law. She is strong and gentle and welcomed me into her heart with no reservations. And gave me the gift of her son.

 We had a praise and worship time before the ceremony instead of the usual prelude. Here we are all ready to go and listening to all those people sing!

 This was one of my 'I'm getting married today!!!' moments.
 Love, love, love my Mom so much. She put countless hours in making my dress and veil and dealing with all kinds of details. And listening to me process everything. She is amazing.

All ready. A time of prayer together before we walked out and walked down the aisle. 

photos by Cole and Elisia, our candid photographer


  1. This is lovely Breanne, the pictures and the narrative brought back so many of my precious memories from my own wedding day!

  2. I love these photos, Breanne. Looks like such a beautiful day... it's fun to listen/watch you reminisce about your wedding day. xo

  3. You were such a beautiful bride. That was such a beautiful day. :)
    Btw, I haven't read your blog for ages, I've been rather busy....hence my plurality of comments all at once. :)

  4. It was so sweet to be in there with you!! :-)



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