Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I love these people that I call family dearly. There were a lot of them at our wedding and in our wedding, and that's just our immediate family. Not too mention the extended family who drove long hours to celebrate with us. I was so honored that so many of them came. 

We have a rich heritage and many examples to follow. I am so grateful for our parents. They were always there during our courtship, providing accountability and counsel. And they are there for us now in our marriage, cheering us on and encouraging us in the day to day. They have been there before. 

Marriage is not so much about having a large family and driving a 12 passenger van. Children are a blessing, God calls them a reward, but they aren't the point or focus of a marriage relationship. You get married and most couples have children but then those children grow up and move away from home. You're still married. If you just couldn't wait to get married, just couldn't wait to have a baby, just couldn't wait to start homeschooling....it's a downward spiral because then you will never be content.
Marriage is a picture of God's love for the church. A selfless, sanctifying love. A relationship to make us more like Him. God is about transforming us into the image of His Son. Pruning us so that we bear fruit. We glorify Him when we live as He has commanded us too. Loving God with all that we are and then loving others. It's that simple. And that is what I strive to do every day of my life. 

photos by Cole Jeffrey 


  1. That's so true Breanne what you wrote about marriage! It's so easy to focus on those different aspects of marriage when you're single and then be disappointed once you're married because you had unreal or very high expectations and be discontent where you're at.
    I love your blog and enjoy reading about the different happenings in your life!

    Happy 2nd anniversary!

  2. Mmmhmm...so true. Beautifully said, and an excellent reminder. :)



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