Monday, September 13, 2010

2 Years

2 years ago on September 20th, I married the man of my dreams. He has become my best friend and confidante, we have shared a lot together and been on a lot of adventures. Actually, we're on one long adventure. The journey of a lifetime. 

I love you, babe. Can't imagine life without you. You complete me and yes, I think we are perfect for each other. ;-) 

  didn't really know you when I married you, not like I know you now. I knew that you were the one I'd been praying for, dreaming of and hoping for. I knew that God was real to you, that you had a passion for Him and for life and that you dreamed big. 

- my Dad's words just before we walked down the aisle together

- the tears on my Mom's face as she watched her daughter take her vows

- my parents-in-law welcoming me into their hearts

- all the friends and family that traveled to support us and celebrate with us

-my Mom designing and sewing my dress, putting in the hours to make it what I pictured 

- our siblings standing with us and witnessing our vows

- God giving us perfect weather

-  many friends giving much of their time and abilities to make the day come together
- stellar photographers capturing the memories

- trust, purity,unity, and love- overarching themes of the day

This week we're having family over and Jared will be going to Halifax for lessons so I won't be posting much. I will be putting up pictures and memories from our wedding as we celebrate two years of our romance of a lifetime. 

photos by Cole

holy experience


  1. Beautiful, Breanne! :-) Heartiest congratulations to you both. :-)

  2. Simply lovely! I love your stunning wedding photographs!!



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