the writer

Hi. I'm Breanne. I like to write, I always have from the time I was eight and filling up my rainbow colored journal with stories of what I did each day. I love to experience life to the fullest. Sometimes I get panicky about missing some of the moments or not stopping to savor the beauty of this present time. So I write. I snap pictures with my iPhone or my husband's pro-camera. I like to tell people I love them by making them yummy food and creating a peaceful, creative ambiance when they come over so I write about that too.
I have two adorable girls whom I spend my days at home with, building towers of wooden blocks and reading Olivia the Pig again.and.again. They make me a better person so I write about that too.
I love my husband. We've been on so many crazy adventures both here and abroad it makes me love him more and thankful for the time we have to share together. 

Mostly, it's about the ordinary. The lovely, messy, and unexpected ordinary that makes up our life. Thanks for being here.

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