Monday, September 27, 2010

simple pleasures

I read my baby a book today. It was Winnie the Pooh. It was bought several years ago before there was any man in my life and before there was any baby to read it too. It was a hopeful purchase, rescued from a box of books at a garage sale. The four board books with their simple watercolor illustrations and humourous stories asked to be taken home and put away for someday. Today was that day. 

Story time followed tea time complete with fresh from the oven bread and jam accompanied by orange pekoe tea. The sky is grey and it's raining but we're cozy and loved inside. Grateful for God's grace and the gifts He has given us. 

- her smiles 

- her laugh and the way she buries her head in my shoulder

 - this house which has become a home 

- nap time for all of us 

- my husband who doesn't mind mascara on his shoulder when I cry there

- crying together at the tender parts of a movie 

- conversation over tea and bread 

- my husband taking care of my little girl 

- feeling utterly overwhelmed and knowing its okay 

- acting in the grace I have for today 

- singing my Lord's praises for He is why I live 


photos: memories from Keegan and Kirsten's visit   
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holy experience


  1. Wow. I. Miss. You. Like alot. I Can't Wait For Christmas!
    I love your list of thankfulness, I think I'd like to start one too! I love the way you are so delighted with life. I love your honesty and admitting that you don't always have it all figured out. I love you Breanne!

  2. I love your story about buying Winnie the Pooh books before having anyone to read them to. I did them same (and it was a Winnie the Pooh book too!)
    Thanks for sharing your thankfulness!



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