Wednesday, May 30, 2012

To Grandpa's Farm We Went (a photo essay with a few words)

I've been quiet in this space, tending to my two little girls who have been sick and needing all of me and more. After a visit to the doctor and filling out prescriptions for both of them (all first-time experiences), we're hoping things turn around a little and we can kick these infections for good. We've gone through more coffee in this last week then the previous month....and a lot of stuff just hasn't gotten attention. I took these pictures several weeks when we visited Jared's Grandpa on his farm in rural Alberta. Grammie passed away almost a year ago and so it was a good but hard visit. I hope to be around here a little more soon and share some of the exciting changes and adventures ahead of us but we'll see....=) 

I thought I would have the words. Even though my heart was so full as I captured moments, breathed in the quiet air and remembered. I thought the words would come and I could articulate the fullness of my heart. 

The grief of loss juxtaposed with hope and memory. The meeting of the generations, ghosts of old memories present and stories, so many stories to be told.


  1. Beautiful pictures and beautiful little girl, xo!

    1. Thank-you! It was a special day. =)



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