Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adventures of the Moving Sort

New York City, 2010

remember the conversation well, we were sitting on the couch and talking about some of our dreams and what we wanted out of life. He said how someday he wanted to take his wife on a year long trip around the world.

I smiled. 

I think I said something along the lines of, 'oh, that would be an amazing trip.'

Inside, I was jumping and down, saying 'pick me! pick me! I want to travel the world too! '

New Zealand, 2008

 9 months later, we were walking through security together, having just hugged our families goodbye. We were headed on that trip around the world.

 First stop: Hawaii. 

Since that time we have lived in three out of the ten provinces in Canada. We've rented basement suites in the heart of the city, we've lived on a farm in rural Alberta, we've lived with family and we've lived with friends. 
We've never stopped dreaming big, never stopped talking about what we want out of life, and what we feel our calling is. 
Beijing, China, 2009 

This fall we're going to be embarking on of our biggest adventures yet. 

We're moving across Canada. 

To Nova Scotia. 

Land of New Scotland, of beautiful scenery and most relevant to us: home of Acadia University.

Jared will be studying music at the university and I will be thrilled to be at this side, sharing in this incredible opportunity. 

2 years ago, we took a plunge into the world of music. We lived out East for most of 2010, playing with the National Academy Orchestra and studying with some of the masters in Montreal. We came back to Edmonton hoping to win a symphony audition but with only one chair available and 12 candidates, it was not meant to be. 
We spent the next year and half working at a bank and settling into life. We had two girls now and figured that the music dream just wasn't meant to be.
 Then things started happening and the music door opened. It opened wide with an invitation to attend Acadia with a scholarship. It opened wide with hope and direction and peace and incredible excitement. 

We've been quiet about it for a few months, figuring a lot of the details out and discerning if we should do make this move or not. It's been stretching, emotionally exhausting, and yet the best thing for us. 

Edmonton, Alberta, 2012
 Our flights are booked for the end of August. And we're excited.



  1. Oh wow! I have been praying for you guys and waiting anxiously to read this post! I am so excited for you guys! We must get all caught up! God has been moving life forward for us too!
    Exciting times.

    1. Ashley, this meant a lot to me, thanks friend. Yes, we must get caught up, can't wait to hear all that's going on your life!


  2. I'm so outrageously happy for you guys!!! Can't wait to hear more, see more, and cheer more as you head out East. :-) XO

    1. =D You will hear and see lots, Krista! You are just SO wonderful, I hear your cheers all the way over here. =)

  3. Oh wow, yippee, Breanne!! When I think of Nova Scotia, I think of the song the little boy sang in the basement during the bombings on Anne of Green Gables the Continued Story :-)

    1. Thank-you, Laura! =) I'll have to watch the movie again to catch the Nova Scotia reference. =) Btw, we'll be just a few hours drive from PEI, that makes me very, very happy.

  4. yay, good for you! I love how you're not letting kids get in the way of traveling and pursuing your dreams :) Best of luck to both of you as you move across the country!

    1. Thanks a lot, Amanda! It feels a little crazy to be doing this with the girls but we're excited about giving them all sorts of opportunities and hopefully it inspires other people to live their dreams. =)

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  6. Exciting times!!! Are you flying straight to NS? :) What an amazing adventure that will be. :) Love ya!

    1. Oh, Liz, yes so very exciting! We did end up getting direct flights to NS otherwise I would have been emailing you about a little rendervous in Toronto. =) Love you!



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