Monday, May 28, 2012

Project 365 - Week 16

May 21-28

1. Blowing bubbles on a Saturday while Jared cut grass for a friend. 

2. It had been a long week, the kind where little sleep happened and naps just didn't happen. I went for a walk and the girls fell asleep, so into Starbucks I went and had a wonderful refreshing time while they slept. Such a gift. 

3. We spent the long weekend out at Moshers and I tried out their bike trailer. It was quite fun although heavy with all three little ones squished in there. Khaira wasn't crazy about it but Kilmeny was thrilled. 

4. It was just one of those days to curl up on the couch, the girls weren't feeling tops so we just had a slow day. 

5. Introducing Khaira to avocado....a whole-hearted experience! She didn't eat it as much as experienced it. 

6. I love this picture of Khaira sleeping. Finally. It took a long time but oh, we both felt so much better after she slept. 

7. Shopping with my big girl, it was so fun to be out with just Kilmeny. She would not look at the camera but I think I love this picture more. It sums up so much of who she is at this age. 


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