Saturday, May 5, 2012

Project 365- Week 13


April 30- May 5

 1. Thomas and Alica moved the first weekend of May, most of the family was there to help. After the work was all done, we took our little family and walked around Chickakoo Lake. It was such a lovely day. Kilmeny ran all over the place, intrigued by the sounds of the frogs and the crunching of the dead leaves.

2. I went to the library to get in on the Sing, Sign and Learn story time with the girls. It was really busy with lots of kids but they had bubbles at the end and both girls loved that aspect. I love the little details of their hands and their names.

3. Kilmeny is actually getting the whole concept of blowing bubbles, Khaira was happy just to play with the lid.

4. A shot of the living room from where I was on the couch, feeding Khaira. Just a day in our life.

5. Introducing food to Khaira, she's not always sure about it but she likes playing with it.

6. We had a surprise girls' night for Rachelle with a tropical theme. It was really fun.

7. Tulips Jared brought home for me. He's so thoughtful like that.

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