Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cookies and Milk

I am a cookie snob. I thought I should just say that before writing any further about cookies. There aren't that many cookies that I actually like, that I'll actually ask someone for the recipe or that I'll select off a dessert offering. My sister makes really good cookies. My sister in law makes really good cookies. And one of our favorite cafes here in Edmonton makes really good cookies. I order one every time we go, with a cup of tea. I feel like such an old lady doing that but they are very delicious and fresh baked every time. Chocolate, cranberry, oatmeal yummy-ness. 

I'm also a sucker for interesting recipes such as Brown Butter and Fleur de Sel Chocolate Chip Cookies. 
You can't really go wrong with sea salt, brown butter, and chocolate. And so I had to try them out. 
Every time I've made them, I've been short of one ingredient. And it's been at night because that is when I most want cookies. The first time, I was short on chocolate. So my husband and brother in law rushed out to remedy this problem. We stood around munching on chocolate covered cranberries and cookie dough until the cookies were ready to be eaten. And they did not disappoint. I love the salty tang that comes with the sprinkle of sea salt. 

The next time I made them, I needed more flour. So I did what anyone else would do, I texted our landlady who also happens to live above and who also happens to be a really great person and friend. She had flour. 
The cookies got made and then eaten in a very short amount of time. I saved some dough for the next day. We baked up cookies and drank our beverages of choice, milk and tea. 
The perfect Saturday snack. 

My husband, who is also a cookie snob, loves these. And in my books, that's high praise. My daughter, who loves everything chocolate, totally loved these.
This recipe is definitely going to be made again and again in this house.

What is your idea of a perfect cookie?


  1. How marvelous! Cracking up that you're always short of one ingredient. :-) I love homemade cookies and RARELY find a store-bought or even restaurant-bought one that I like. These sound perfectly divine. :-)

    1. These are divine, Krista! I'm going to have keep my pantry stocked in all their ingredients. ;-)

  2. oh your little cutie!!!! and those eyes! like little chocolate kisses :)
    (the cookies don't look too shabby either!)

  3. These look amazing! I have gotta try them!

    1. They are amazing!! There is a reason why I don't stock up on all the ingredients all the time. ;-)



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