Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Project 365- Week 12

April 23- April 29 

1. I finally put my one of my Pinterest ideas to work this week, the girls were quite fascinated by the reaction of baking soda and vinegar. I made it all the more interesting by dying the vinegar blue and green. Kilmeny's fine motor skills are quite advanced but not quite to the point of grasping the concept of an eye dropper. She tried her best and then just dropped little bits of soda into the colored vinegar. Khaira sat and watched it all, giggling at Kilmeny's reactions. I must do this more with them, its so good for all of us. 

2. Another brain-child born out of desperation to stimulate Kilmeny without any previous planning. Jared's giant whiteboard and dry erase crayons. Brilliant. 

3. A couple quiet hours at Starbucks to read, journal, and just.be.quiet. So good for the soul. 

4. Chocolate.Love.

5. My attempt at an artsy food picture. This may or may not be showing up in another post on another day with the recipe for the cookies. Seriously good cookies. 

6. On one of our traditional Sunday walks where we set out with no destination really in mind, just walk and talk. Each time we're a little more prepared for long distances and bring stuff like diapers, and nursing covers and money. We tried out a Pho place after talking about it forever. It was nice. Quite nice. 

7. An evening at the Muttart. I love that Khaira is getting old enough to be able to do more stuff with Kilmeny. Here they are watching the fishes. So Cute! 


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