Friday, May 11, 2012

Coffee, Meltdowns, and a Few pretty Moments

 It has been quite the week. I think I could count the hours of sleep I've gotten on both hands. Okay, that's a little dramatic. But there hasn't been a lot of sleep happening around here making for some very long days (and nights) and an extra grumpy tired mummy. My brother in law stayed a few nights last week and he left us with some freshly roasted coffee beans. I think that was one of the best gifts I've gotten, timing wise. 

Khaira has been a different baby from Kilmeny from day one. And this last week was just one more example of their differences. Not that Kilmeny never had rough nights, oh no, there was one where she cried for 4 (count 'em, four) hours straight. Jared was performing at a concert and we were scheduled to fly very early the next morning, across the country. I was a wreck by the time the concert was over. I didn't think motherhood could get any worse. 
Enter baby number 2. 

Both of us have pulled hard together this week, cheering each other on in our fatigue and we've even made our running goals. 
There's been a lot of not-so-pretty moments, hello fatigue-induced meltdowns and the girls were also grumpy.

But, there have been a lot of beautiful moments. Moments that I probably would have missed had it been a 'normal' week. We explored a new park that we've always wanted to go to but never have before. Kilmeny got to run and run on the trails, we got to talk and talk and soak up the spring. I got to see bison wandering around without any fences, something new for me. I kinda made a big deal out of it, but seriously, it was so neat to see those large animals a couple feet from our van! So amazing! 

I felt like such a city girl as I stepped out into the wilderness park with my grande Pike Place in hand and going a little gah-gah over the beauty of the green haze adorning the trees. Hearing the frogs, smelling the damp woodsy underbrush, seeing wild strawberry plants and plantain leaves, feeling the warmth of the sun and the roughness of the log I sat on to feed Khaira did great restorative wonders. 

We've been taking each day a little more slow, my plans to be out and about haven't happened and that's okay. Emails didn't get written, blogging didn't happen (despite all my great ideas at 3 am, we're all brilliant then until tested by daylight), and meals sort of happened. 
But I've been free to meet my husband for a chai after work which of course sounds a lot more glamorous then the reality of it. He pushed the stroller home and listened to me talk. I was able to fully enjoy my massage, probably the best 60 minutes of self care I've had in a long time- so very thankful for benefits that cover massages. 

I got to see my little baby stand. She's all over standing right now and thinks it is the best.thing.ever. I love how adorable she is at this stage in her little onesies and her fat little thighs. 

I got to watch and listen to my toddler-girl as her endless imagination entertains her - 'this is the baby purple crayon and this is the mummy crayon. They're going shopping'.

Being a mum, it's this crazy, wonderful, incredible adventure. And weeks like this one bring that home. I'm thankful for these days with my girls, very glad that this week is over and now I have a date at the park to blow bubbles with my adorables. 

Have a wonderful weekend with all the moments, pretty and not-so-pretty!! 

And, if you read this far, thank-you. :-) I got a little wordy. ;-)


  1. I know it has gotta be stressful--but your babies are so darling! Prayers<3

    1. Aw, thank-you. They are cute and we enjoy them a lot and it's Friday today. Things can only get better! =)

  2. I am right there with you sweet Breanne! Life with two little girls can be very tiring, overwhelming but very rewarding too! We all miss you and your family <3!

    1. Yes, it so tiring but the rewards are immeasurable! I like seeing pictures of your little girls on Laura's blog. =)

  3. A sweet post! I have a visual with watching Sarah & her 2 lil' girls closely.

    1. Thank-you. =) Yes, you would, and I know that when you are close to family, it is really nice. I know you all love it!



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