Saturday, May 12, 2012

Project 365-Week 14

May 6- May 12

1. Khaira had been up for a long time before Kilmeny woke up. I decided to let the girls have breakfast in the living room since Khaira was already in there. Not one of my brightest ideas but they enjoyed it and the mess wasn't that hard to clean up afterwards.

2. Plane trails! Love the sight and sound of airplanes.

3. Khaira has been sick off and on for almost a month now, this day she was so cuddly and mellow. Just wanting to be held and have me comfort her. It was precious.

4. Kilmeny is all into coloring at the moment. I love this coloring book I picked up at the thrift store. Basically brand new Beatrix Potter! Kilmeny is also all into 'undressing' her crayons, she likes to take the paper off her crayons before using them.

5. We had a picnic at the park for supper and then Jared made Kilmeny's night by going on the slide with her. The picture's a little blurry but I love it.

6. We spent the day with Grandpa, it was so good to see him again and to see him enjoy the girls.

7. Jared took a family sick day one Wednesday when the girls had not been sleeping. I was a wreck emotionally. We packed up and drove to Elk Island National Park where we walked and walked and talked. It was beautiful and so soul-nourishing.

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