Sunday, April 15, 2012

Project 365- Week 10

April 10 - April 15
Obviously this project has a lot of grace woven into it. I need a lot of grace in my life.  I set off with a project like this thinking that it is going to transform my life and keep me up-to-date with everything and my tenth 'week' only has six days. I'm not consistent in my creating these little collages, my posting or when my weeks start and end. And I'm trying to be okay with that. I haven't made this a huge priority and so it is what is, when I have time for it. 
1. I've never been that big on bathtime pictures. I know they are adorable and all that when it's my naked children covered soap suds but I don't find everyone else's babies always that cute and so I don't post or take a lot of pictures of my babies in the tub. But I decided that Khaira was just too cute with her little hooded towel and the yellow duck so I captured a few moments. 
2. Kilmeny's very first time ever going bowling! 
3. We got our BoB Duallie stroller and I love it! It's so nice having the girls side by side and it is super easy to push or run with. 
4. Jared brought me home some tulips just because, I love them. 
5. Little shoots of new green grass amidst the old brown grass makes me very happy! 
6. And two bowling shots! We went with Byron and Becca, Josh and Ariana, Thomas, Alicia, Kaden and McKenna. It was great fun! 
7. Khaira, basking in the warm sunlight at the park one day.  

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