Monday, April 16, 2012

Cafe Medina: A Vancouver Weekend Brunch

On our recent trip to Vancouver, we planned out where we were going to eat with as much detail as what we wanted to do. But sometimes even with the best of planning, things go differently then anticipated. We booked in at a hotel we stayed in before, we loved it for its close proximity to the waterfront and that we could walk to our favorite places. We planned on walking down to a favorite of ours,  Urban Fare for breakfast and then a leisurely stroll along the water, sipping our coffees and soaking up the fresh air. 

But instead our second morning found us up bright and early and walking purposefully in the opposite direction of Urban Fare. The night before we had heard about Cafe Medina, one of Vancouver's best places for brunch. It opened at 9 and didn't take reservations. We knew we wanted to be there when it opened. 
Khaira woke us up early and we headed out, soaking up the glorious sunshine as we made our way through Gastown on that sleepy Saturday. There was hardly anyone else awake and about, just a handful of runners and business owners heading to work. 

 We stopped several times along the way to take pictures of the old buildings and to marvel at the sunlight streaming through narrow alleys. A lot of the buildings were well over a hundred years old and had been home to a variety of businesses. I loved the brick walls and the way new owners were re-furbishing the old places.

Cafe Medina was far from sleepy as we stepped inside, the aroma of fresh coffee and waffles filled the space and almost every table was full. We chatted with the cafe owner for a few minutes while we waited for a table. They brought our drinks out right away. I was thrilled to see that my latte was served in a glass just like they do in New Zealand. And the latte art, as always, delighted me. We already knew that we wanted waffles, it was just deciding what topping to have with them. There was everything from dark chocolate to maple syrup to milk chocolate lavender or white chocolate pistachio rosewater. I went with mixed berry compote. They presented our sides of sausage and a perfectly poached egg in such style, breakfast has never looked more appealing! The waffles were absolutely delicious and did not disappoint. I loved the presentation and the fresh twist on a classic, I am spoiled for life!

Khaira did so well in all our restaurant experiences, charming the wait staff and enjoying her first introduction of solid foods. We lingered over our coffees, enjoying the eclectic ambiance and the chance to enjoy the morning's gifts together. When we left, there was a line up out the door and down the street, everyone eager for hot waffles.   

Do you plan out your dining experiences or wait and see what suits your fancy?

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