Thursday, April 12, 2012

Small Celebrations

I'm celebrating today. All the little things that make up my everyday life. The occurrences that happen and then they're gone. I'm choosing to celebrate today, in all it's realness. Join me?

My little girl painting her nails, I think she sported three different colors by the time I got to her. Is she not SO cute?


The fact that I can cook for other people. I get to do what I love and fit it around my girls' schedule. It also totally stresses me out, one of those ironic things about being an artist. We love it and we hate it.

My small kitchen. A total mess. I'm not even kidding. The counter is covered in dishes.

Kilmo had granola for lunch while I put the finishing touches on the client's dinner. She loves granola, I make it healthy on purpose, and it kept her occupied when I needed her to be quiet. 

My two healthy adorable girls. I love them more then I can say. All the crazy, frustrating, precious moments. Long nights, long days, and no naps. But they are worth it.

Tea. What can I say? Some days I drink a lot of tea, it's one of my little refreshments. Today was one of those days.

The fact that I have lots on my heart to write but I don't have the time except to do little bursts like this one. But, I can write while my girls dance in the living room. And their giggles give me fuel to go on, choosing to see the beauty in the mundane.

Oh, and that I can take pictures throughout the day and then edit them on my phone while I feed my baby.
Someday, I'll use the 'big camera' but right now I'm just glad to capture life.


  1. Kilmeny and her nails .. that made me laugh, lots :) Your girls are so adorable and I love that you share thier quirks and failings, along with thier joys and strengths. It makes them that much more loveable, and you too ;)

    1. Way to make me all teary...:-) I knew as soon as I as saw her, I had to take a picture!

  2. So cool! I want to see more pictures of your food!!:)

    1. I am not a food photographer, by any stretch of the imagination. But if my resident photog is around, I'll get him to do a shoot. ;-) Or else random pics in Intsagram. :-)

  3. Wait... is that nail polish on her nose?!

    1. Uh. Yes, yes, it is. I placed an order for all natural nail polish post haste this morning. =)



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