Sunday, March 18, 2012

Project 365- Week 6

March 10 -17
This was the week of prep for Weekend in the Word. A busy, crazy, adventurous week! 

1. Kilmo chowing down breakfast on the road. The scones that I had baked for the trip down got put on the roof of the van and so I just ordered some muffins with my morning coffee from Starbucks and we were both happy. 

2. Khaira is picking things up now and showing lots of expression and emotion in her play. It is so fun to sit back and observe her! 

3. A little reading in the Saturday afternoon sunlight, I am loving utilizing the library again and finding all sorts of lovely books to read. 

4. One of Kilmeny's favorite parts about visiting Papa and Nana: the cows! I love this picture of her, so innocent and iconic of her right now. 

5. Khaira was my little accompanist in all the shopping errands we did for Weekend in the Word. This is her first time in a shopping buggy and she loved it! 

6. Mr. and Mrs. Kembel were also staying at Mom and Dad's during WitW which made me happy. They were playing with Khaira, reading her stories and making her laugh with their antics. I just love them. The whole family is very special to me. 

7. The one and only picture I have of any of the food that I did at WitW. Friday night snacks. I took it to show Jared since he was driving down that night after work, and I was missing him. A lot. 

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