Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Mattter of Perspective

It hit me the other day just how much our perspective on life changes how we live our lives. Let me elaborate.  I read a number of blogs, I have a decent amount of friends on facebook, and I follow a good many people on Pinterest. It's so easy to become disenchanted with the life I have because it doesn't seem as good as someone else's happy status. The reality of this came to me a couple weekends ago. We were sitting in the sun, eating hotdogs from a sidewalk stand and watching all the people walk by. The stroller held fresh veggies and flour from the farmer's market. Life was good. I could have posted a status about it all but I didn't. I just soaked it all up and cherished the 'perfect' moment. We ran some errands, came home and the girls napped. So did Jared. I took advantage of the quiet and read on the couch, marveling at the afternoon sun. My littlest girl woke up and played happily while I read. 

The rest of the day proceeded as normal- dishes, meals, planning for the week ahead, busy little family. And I stopped and realized just how lovely it all was. Yes, the living room was cluttered by the evidences of life. Yes, there were dishes in the draining rack and more dirty dishes to be done. There was probably a diaper or two on the floor in the girls' room. And I'm fairly certain the dirty laundry was piled high. 

I read an email earlier that day, one of those emails that no one wants to read, from a friend who is walking down a difficult path with health struggles. Life isn't always happy. Or easy. Or good. But there are always beautiful moments when we choose to see them.  

And I chose to see the beauty in the chaos that day. My husband and I don't always agree, in fact, just that morning before our idealistic market excursion we had had a major disagreement. We weren't that happy couple. I let my flesh rule me and I got mad. Past the slightly cute Irish temper mad. I am grateful for grace and forgiveness and for the convicting comments my little toddler makes about Mummy being happy again. 

It's so easy to want more then what I have but I'm choosing to water my grass to make it greener. To live right here in my imperfect, dishes-need-to-be-done house and love my little family.

What moments are you embracing?


  1. I love this, my friend. I am back in the States for a couple of weeks, facing some very, very difficult and painful circumstances. BUT the sun is shining gloriously, I am very safe and very loved staying with dear friends, and I found a cheery red purse at the thrift store today. :-)

  2. I love your list of good things, Krista, despite your circumstances....times like this I just wish I could take a giant eraser and make everything all better but I can't. You are very loved. =)

    And I love that you found a red purse, the way you wear colors is inspiring!



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