Saturday, March 10, 2012

Project 365- Week 5

1. It was really special having Dad and the boys up for a quick overnight visit. Kilmeny warmed right up to Dad this time which was very special for him.

2. The boys went sledding and took Kilmeny with them so of course I made them hot chocolate when they came inside. 

3. Dad took us out for supper and ice-cream one night. Jared and I shared a banana split, so yum! 

4. Our latest way to teach Kilmeny and keep her focus, trace the alphabet on her hand. She loves it and retains the knowledge so well. This was at Starbucks after one of our famous long walks. 

5. Kilmeny was absolutely glued to the screen of the first few minutes of Eat, Pray, Love. And she kept munching popcorn. So cute. She's not being one for kids' movies at all, but this one kept her attention. 

6. Kilmeny loves to snuggle with Khaira in the mornings and Khaira loves it too! 

7. Khaira at the midwife moms' get together. 

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