Friday, March 9, 2012

Snow Days: A Mostly Pictorial Post


Winter days are made much better by playing in the snow when uncles come to visit. Or when it's just been a long day inside and really, the sledding hill is just across the road and the delight it gives my little girl is worth all the trouble and fuss of snowsuits and two girlies and one mummy. They're made much better when you stop and take deep breaths of the cold crisp air, feel the rush of the wind as you zip down the hill and then trudge up through the snow to do it all over again. There's moments of quiet reflection at the sun sparkles on the snow and peeps through the trees and there's moments of wild laughter and fun as we all piled on the big sled. 

And of course there is piping hot cocoa and marshmallows to finish off the day.

How do you enjoy snow days?

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I love these! Those marvelous happy faces and brilliant light. :-)



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