Friday, February 24, 2012

Mountain Refreshment

We had a little getaway last weekend. We found a cabin in the mountains that had great winter rates and a wood burning fireplace. We had a long weekend and we retreated to the mountains. 
It was wonderful. It was what we needed. It was where we could breathe.

It was just a little cabin with a wood stove and stocked woodpile. The fire was burning nicely when we arrived, the smoke making silvery curls against the black night sky. I loved waking up there, seeing the snow-covered mountains against the brilliant blue sky, sipping coffee and snuggling with the girls on the couch. 

We explored Jasper one day, indulging in raspberry white chocolate scones at our favorite bakery and scoring a super deal on makeup at a little spa. But mostly we just hung out at the cabin. We took time to visit the horse and the dog and the cat which were definite highlights for Kilmeny. She loved to stand at the glass door, peering for any sight of the animals which she would then call for by name, at the top of her lungs. 

One afternoon we visited some friends, driving down a gravel road to their log cabin and being awe-struck by the beauty of the mountains and the snow. And being stopped by a massive herd of big horn sheep, we both whipped out our phones and took pictures, the sheep don't look that friendly where they are a mere foot from your (open) window and you can see all the details on their (massive) horns. 

We had time to be quiet, time to be refreshed, time to talk after the girls went to bed and our phones were turned off. No distractions, no subtle city noises, no to-do lists asking for our attention. We walked along the frozen river, we jumped on the trampoline, and we just chilled. Reading stories, watching the girls, sipping tea. We didn't read any of the books we brought or write down copious notes in our scratch pads. But our souls felt refreshed and uplifted, ready to continue on with the life that is ours. 

Where do you go to be refreshed?


  1. Some of my favourite childhood memories involve staying at a cabin with my family - we never went anywhere too rustic or too trendy, but it was always a treat just to get away from it all. Glad you had such a lovely time :)

    1. That's exactly what this one was like, not too rustic or too trendy, just nice. =)

  2. Oh, I'm SO happy to hear this, Breanne! You guys really deserve this glorious break in such breath-taking and cozy environs. :-)

    1. Thank-you, dear Krista. It did our spirits SUCH good!



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