Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project 365 - Week 2

We spent this past weekend in a little cabin in the mountains. It was lovely, refreshing, a literal breath of fresh air. Just what we needed. In all the bustle of getting everything together I didn't get a chance to put this post up before we left so I'm doing it now. 

Week 2: February 13- 20

1. Khaira sleeping with her little rosebud lips.

2. Kilmeny sleeping. The girls haven't been sleeping all that well lately during the night, colds and upset schedules seem to be affecting them. Naptime has been slightly hit and miss as well so on one of the days when they both slept at the same  time, I had to take pictures. To remind myself of these days and to remember just how precious they are. Even when we're all a little tired. 

3. Kilmeny loves to be 'just like Mummy' and so she had to read some magazines I picked up from my midwife. She loves to 'read' anything she can! 

4. In a quiet and contemplative mood. For about 5 minutes. I love my little spunky girl!

5. A community Valentines party provided the perfect excuse to wear my red shoes. I just love them, they make me feel like a well-dressed lady. ;-)

6. A little Valentine's inspiration along with my to-do list to make my dinner plans come together on time on the 14th. 

7.  We  were out and about last week with a couple different play dates which provided some new scenery and good conversation over coffee. Khaira's totally into these duplo blocks, I would be as well, the colors are fantastic. 

8. And a little shopping trip brought us to a store that had a beautiful display of jasmine plants which I had to take a picture since it's my niece's name. =)


  1. I love the block colors too! And red shoes are *fun* :-)

  2. Red shoes are fun, aren't they? =)



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