Saturday, February 25, 2012

Project 365 -Week 3

It's been a busy week, in fact it feels like a bit of a blur. I've been working a lot in the kitchen this week preparing food for clients which is fun but rather exhausting at the end of it all. I'm just so grateful for a husband who helps me wash mounds of dishes and for the fact that some of that kitchen work results in meals in the freezer for us as well. 
 Can I just say I love my iPhone? I have it with me all the time and use it almost all the time now to take pictures. I love how handy it is for snapping moments. 

1. This is probably one of my favorite pictures from last weekend and perhaps of this winter. Kilmeny has gotten so many comments on her bright red coat that we picked up for a few dollars at a thrift store. She's my little bundle of energy but with quiet moments like this one when she's enthralled with something new. 

2. We just got given a bunch of basically new cloth diapers and here's my little Khaira baby modelling one of the diapers. I do get the girls dressed each day but this was just too cute. 

3. Play dough at the kitchen table has been a sanity-saver this week. 

4. I love seeing Khaira's personality come out more and more! 

5. Kilmeny and Khaira. Kilmo's going through 'that stage' of faces for the camera, this one just makes me laugh. 

6. My little 'hope of spring' plant from Grama Ardron. I'm hoping I don't kill it off since I love ivy plants. 

7. We love Olivia books here, I've already started the girls a collection of the books by Ian Falconer. The simple illustrations and witty text gets me every time. 



  1. these are just so cute! Kilmeny's hair is getting so long and lovely! I also like Olivia books and I also laughed at that pic of the two girls with their funny faces! :)

  2. Ashley, I think of you all the time when I read Olivia books and that conversation we had about what makes a good children's book. =)



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