Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Plans and These Present Moments

If last week was one of those weeks, then the weekend was one of those weekends. And today is Monday. 
I love Mondays for the redemptive qualities of picking up the house after the weekend busyness, cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, and all the other little household tasks that need to be done to keep it all running smoothly.

We had great plans for our weekend. We planned out our errands, printed out coupons, and made sure we had our gift card to a favorite tea shop. But the van that had just gotten a complete check-over and fix was making some weird noises. And they got weirder the longer we drove around. So we cut our list short and drove home. And re-arranged the rest of our weekend plans.

My husband drove (cautiously!) to another mechanic before work this morning. And mid-morning the call came. The lug nuts on our front tire were loose. In light of all what could have happened and didn't, the upset of our weekend plans seems pretty minor. We're all here. Alive. Healthy. We have this moment together.

And I'm counting my gifts again. Stopping and realizing what I have within these four walls, this present season.


a simple dinner party to cook for

long morning naps and quiet toddler to make the cooking much easier

the absolute fun and delight of creating new recipes

long walks through the River Valley

free Starbucks to warm us up

 my little toddler's delight at being able to walk in the snow

the way she calls to every dog, "come, Ginger!"

how safe and secure my baby is, worn in the Ergo

coupons for stuff that I was actually going to buy

the way Kilmeny smiles and shivers with delight when I tell her we're going shopping

trying on clothes just for the fun of it

a new shirt for a few dollars

the fun of house-sitting for neighbors with a hot tub

learning again (and again and again) the patience needed with little ones

in-house dates with tea and chocolate cheesecake 

having both of us home when both girls cry and need

staying up late, walking the floor and trying to get the baby to sleep

listening to her breathe as she finally drifts away

 fresh milk and coffee (!!!) delivered to our door by my father-in-law

the way Kilmeny serves tea to each of us and delights in the sharing of her tea set

 the way Khaira absolutely adores Kilmeny

hearing them giggle together

texts from my husband and lunchtime phone calls

 inspiration for long winter days

a van that runs and a trustworthy mechanic

I'm blessed. Really and truly.

What moments from your weekend are you taking into this next week?


  1. What a great list breanne, I always love reading these!

  2. I'm SO glad you guys are safe and sound! Phew! I love your list too. Lists DO help, don't they? Especially when everything in life seems topsy-turvy and you feel out of sorts. I've been making a lot of lists lately. :-) XO

    1. Lists help immensely! =) I was inspired to sit down and make mine after I read yours, so thank-you, luv!



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