Friday, January 27, 2012

One of Those Weeks

It's been one of those weeks. You know, the ones where each day feels like an eternity and bed is your favorite place except that the baby doesn't want to sleep. 

I've had this philosophy about child-raising and it has been tested this week. I think we all came through okay. 
 It's just this: I have a two year old. 
And I'm not going to go through the terrible twos with her. Nor are we going to have 6 year old battles or troublesome teen years. 
For me (as most people), when I label something, it becomes that. 

My eager, creative, exuberant, energetic, curious, adorable two year old becomes terrible?

I don't think so. 

But there were some moments this week where I almost caved. And I share these in the interest of keeping it real, being transparent, and offering a big shout out to all my fellow mums who no doubt can relate. You can, right?

I had these grand plans of re-doing Kilmeny's room, organizing, sorting, and making new toy boxes this week. It sort of happened. It was one of those times where the idea was great - spray paint boxes and then cover with fabric for storing her toys, teddies, books and blocks. Except that the diaper boxes I cut down to size didn't take to the spray paint. I should know, I used up a whole can. 

And the fabric that I was going to make adorable matching cushions with is still sitting on her dresser waiting for to get inspired again. 
My little take-the-world-on girl loves playing with it and I let her. Sometimes I clean it up, sometimes I work with her to clean it up. Once or maybe more I just left it and all the other mess that is in the process of being organized and closed the door. 

We had a little quiet time at Starbucks this week. My errands were done and Jared wasn't quite done work so we chilled at Starbucks. I was happy with my chai tea, Kilmeny was happy with her biscotti (that I bought because she thumbed through the packaging while it was on display), and Khaira was just happy.  
We sat there, smiling back at all the nice people who smiled at us and were enthralled by my little winking, smiling, staring girl. 
 We counted to ten and signed the entire alphabet. It was beautiful. 
But then it was time to go, I thought we should really give the slightly-awkward-first-date couple some space. Kilmeny was still enthralled by them so I gently gave a her a few tugs to get her off the chair which I then knocked over with Khaira's carseat while trying to avoid cramming the couple with our little entourage. I nearly did the same to the water bottle display but managed to avoid that one while still holding onto Kilmeny. I pushed the door open just as a gentlemen reached to grab it for me and I proceeded to spill my tea all over my jacket. And then Kilmeny took off running towards the street. It wasn't my best moment.
But I just smiled at the all the business people who were walking home from work and headed to the van. 

The quiet time that I thought I would have to write has been eaten up by a little girl who seems to think she doesn't need a nap anymore but carries on the most fantastic conversations with her dolls instead and my other little-er girl who has gotten another cold and will sleep sometimes and sometimes she just wants mummy. 

And I find that as I focus on enjoying these crazy, busy, tired days rather then enduring them, it does help. I have two beautiful children, a hard-working hottie of a husband, and a lovely little home to call mine. And a loaded Starbucks card for some quiet, time. ;-)

What has your week looked like? Got any crazy, beautiful moments to share? 

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  1. Hi luv :-) Yes, it's been one of those weeks for me too. Filled with numerous moments that were hurtful, fearful, and made me anxious and sad. So yesterday I got my dog and went for a trek in the woods in the rain. And I found my Sacred Grove and danced like an Indian at a pow-wow and twirled and sang and prayed and found blue and orange beetles that made me smile. It's been a rough week, but a good one. :-) xo



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