Monday, February 6, 2012

Peace. And a Little Something to Nosh On.

I curled up on the soft leather loveseat, breathing a deep sigh of enjoyment and opened my book. 
The girls were looked after, happily playing with their aunties and there were no pressing needs on me. 

It had been a long week.

I've sat in this space several times attempting to write and then foiled by little girls waking up much earlier then planned upon and then not going to sleep until much later then desired and  by simply not knowing what to say.
Everyone wants resolution and redemption. This week I didn't have any of that to offer. Tired. Busy. Overwhelmed. All of the above I could give you but I know that each of you has your own share of that in your own life. And so I was quiet. 

We spent the weekend with my husband's family. Out in the country. Away from the distractions and responsibilities of home.
It was for me, a little retreat. I brought a book and took full advantage of the time I had to read. I munched on freshly made cookies and flipped through cookbooks with my sister in law. We watched a movie in the evening, a girly movie since most of the guys were gone and it was utterly delightful. 

The time was quiet. Peaceful. And just what I needed. 

But there was a certain amount of bustling around home to get out the door and to remember all the little details for our family of four. My husband does the meals on the weekends and this weekend he decided to treat us to brunch at one of our favorite breakfast places. With all the bustling and hustling done by her parents and breakfast put off later and later, Kilmeny got rather hungry. And like any other toddler, she gets a little cranky when she's hungry. 
So we pulled out our current favorite snack for her to nosh on. It pacified her until brunch and I nibbled on it as well. It kept us all happy and maintained the peace. Which was kind of the point of the weekend. 


I know I'll be pulling this nibble out again before the week's over. Filling up her little plate, setting up a winter-time picnic in the living room, and enjoying some quiet. It's a great Monday snack. It looks especially pretty when served in a little glass bowl and tastes especially good when sprinkled with dark chocolate bits. =)

Kilmeny's Peacetime Snack 
2 parts almonds
1 part cransins

Optional add-ins: dark chocolate chips, roasted pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, any other dried fruit, and nuts.
This is also one of my favorite go-to snacks paired along with a fresh apple or orange, since we're full into citrus season right now.

What's your favorite nibble for when you're feeling peckish?


  1. Spoonful of peanut butter with honey drizzled on top. :P A more transportable version: peanut butter, honey, and dry milk powder. Yum!

    1. Okay, that's my other go-to snack. ;-)

  2. I wish my boys would eat almonds! But neither of them like them... they like peanuts though.

    1. I'm not really fond of peanuts so Kilmeny doesn't have a choice and she does like almonds. Little by little and consistently giving her a certain food option has helped with the ones that she didn't like. =)

  3. I never cease to be amazed at how closely our life experiences mirror each other, even though our situations are so different. :-) I'm SO glad you were able to escape this week, to be loved on and given space to just be you. :-)

    1. Oh, Krista, you have no idea how often I think that! I'm SO glad you had some refreshment this week too! XO

  4. Oh, that's was Lydia's favorite snack too! Perfect for going shopping :-)

    1. It is the perfect snack for shopping, one almond at a time. ;-)



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