Monday, December 19, 2011

still counting...

I haven't sat down and recorded the gifts for some time now, it hits me when I stop and drink them, the beauty that happens right now all around me. And I want to make note of them but I don't always. So here's too grabbing a few minutes and jotting a few of them down. Because I don't want to forget all that I've been given. 

the fact that both my girls do often nap at the same time each day 
dirty dishes and dirty counters and dirty floors because real life happens here, every day
piles of laundry 
my two healthy, beautiful little girls 
family to give too
 books to read again and again (and again and again)
hot tea and shortbread
people to bake for
realizing that being happy is better then being perfect
a husband who encourages me to just live now, in this moment
my Mum's voice on the phone and sharing real life with her
snow-covered fields to pull my little girl's sled on 
the oh-so-Canadian sound of pond hockey
the sparkle of Christmas lights throughout the neighborhood and around our door
quiet moments of snuggle time with my baby 
singing to my toddler as she goes to sleep and the way her skin is soft and smooth
small celebrations of new recipes turning out great 
making my Nana's fudge, a time honored recipe
quiet and peace even in the busyness


  1. Stopping by from Ann's place. Lovely blog. It helps to stop for a moment and breathe in all that we have been given. "being happy is better than being perfect". Maybe that is why I have too many unhappy days, all wrapped up in a driven need for perfection. I'm getting better! Have a blessed day.

  2. "realizing that being happy is better then being perfect" - how I love that, Breanne. :-) It made me smile so big today. :-) xo

  3. "Dirty counters, dirty floors.. because life happens here" love that! I hope you continue to enjoy the quite peace during this busy season!



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