Friday, December 16, 2011

Little Bits of Christmas

Our decorating style is simple. Intentional. Lots of inspiration taken from the outdoors. And some whimsey touches just for fun. 

We decorated our house almost a month ago. We'd spent a good portion of the day shopping, stocking up on things we needed, hitting a 50% sale on candles at IKEA, and browsing Bombay and Urban Barn. All of our purchases were in the living room when my husband said to me, "Let's decorate. Tonight." 
And I said, "Tonight? Okay!" 

We pulled the bins and boxes out, we put the Christmas music on, and we had fun. This is the first year that I've had all of my stuff in one place and it is so incredibly special to be able to decorate my own little home. 
We piled pinecones into a trifle bowl, we filled a silver tea tray with candles, we heaped a fruit bowl with pinecones and a berry wreath and stuck a big candle in the center. We wrapped a garland around the railing and plugged in the twinkle lights. We hung our stockings on empty nails and draped crochet snowflakes across the doorway of Kilmeny's rooms. We put candles on every available surface. 

We ordered in pizza, making a new tradition for when we decorate the house. We let Kilmeny stay up later then usual to play with the pinecones and hear her say ' awww, cute!' at all the new pretties in the house. 

And it does feel like magic when we turn all the lights off and just sit and be. Letting the candles glow provide all the needed illumination. I'm all about simplicity this year. Not wanting to get caught up in all the stuff, stuff, stuff everywhere. The piles of gifts and excess of expenditures. I'm all into intentionality and purposeful giving. 

What pretties are you enjoying this year? What's your decorating style? (Because I love being inspired by others!)


  1. To borrow Kilmeny's words...aww, cute! :) Wish I could stop by and see all your decorations!

  2. Wish you could too, Kelsey!! =)

  3. Awww, I love Kilmeny's enjoyment of all your gorgeousness. :-) I haven't been feeling very Christmasy this year, maybe it's the summer weather, maybe I'm just weary from a difficult year. But your post has inspired me tremendously, and today I'm going to get the house beautifully clean and tidy so that tomorrow I can decorate. Thank you, luv. :-)

  4. I'm so glad you felt inspired, Krista! SO glad. The one year we were in New Zealand over Christmas felt very weird and not like Christmas at all. Love to see pics of your decorating, sometime, friend! =)



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