Monday, November 7, 2011


I started this little tradition last year when I turned twenty-five. I shared 25 things about me. It was fun and also illuminating to me as I actually sat down and listed some of my dreams, opinions and just fun trivia. I thought it would be a fun little tradition to continue, if for no one else's sake but my own. To see how I've changed and what new things I list. 

Birthdays have always been an interesting time of year for me. For quite a long time I have written a journal entry on the eve of my birthday reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the new year. Sometimes I set goals, sometimes I don't. And so last night, I grabbed a few minutes while Jared put Khaira to sleep to write about my 25th year; all the experiences and twists our journey has taken, the struggling and the fighting for joy, the sheer beauty of each day. There was so much beauty. It colored everything, even the hard bits and there were a lot of hard bits last year. 

So here you go, ten things about Breanne.
( I decided that I would make it an even ten each year else it could grow to be quite the list over time!)

1. I adore children's books and love that I now have an excuse to linger long in the children's library.

2. I try to see the beauty in each day, even when the day seems like a royal mess.

3. I have a wanderlust. International destinations make me giddy inside even though I resist change when it comes.

4. I love to decorate and set the atmosphere in our home through decorating. 

5. I love shopping at farmers' markets and locally owned, unique shops.

6. My two girls bring me more joy and delight then I could have ever imagined. 

7. My husband is my best friend; he watches chick flicks with me, listens to me talk on and on, lets me cry and encourages me to dream. And buys me the most incredible birthday gifts...but that's another story for another time. ;-)

8. I love long, one-on-one talks

9. Someday I would love to own and run a children's bookstore, just like in You've Got Mail

10. I am delighted by the simplest of things....leaves falling, a flower, watching my girls, time with family and delicious food.

And, because I'm all about lists these days, what are some things about you that not many people know?


  1. One new thing about me - I'm loving my lists! =)

    Happy birthday, Breanne!

    Susanna C.

  2. Happy Birthday, Breanne! Love your list and pics. :-)


  3. I was just about to write you a birthday email when I saw your post :-) Happy 26th birthday, (Bre)Anne dear!! I love you!!

    I think I'll need to compose a list about myself in 4 1/2 months :-)

  4. Love these pics, darlin! You are STUNNING!! :-) I too would just die of happiness running a children's bookstore like the one in You've Got Mail. :-) So your addition of that in your list made me oh so happy. :-) xo

  5. Susanna, thank-you! Lists are fun, aren't they? =)

    Thanks, Hannah, Jared did a great job. =)

    Laura, thank-you! =)

    Aw, Krista, you make me feel so lovely. =)It was fun to have Jared take them.



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