Thursday, November 3, 2011

surviving the crunch

My house is quiet and reasonably tidy. It's the first time since 7:00 this morning it's been like this and it's the last time until about 8:00pm that it will be like this.

Quiet. And somewhat tidy.

I love it. It's a little re-charge time for me as I have made it through what I call the first crunch time of the day. 
I give myself three cheers as I close the door on Khaira, sleeping away, all snuggled up and looking adorable. 

(I cheer internally, of course. I just got both girlies to sleep, I'm not waking them again!)

It's that last hour of the morning where Khaira needs to be fed and Kilmeny's reaching the end of her happy limit and there's lunch to be made and the weekend plans to be firmed up and my brother texts me a question and I try to finish up going through the girls' clothes before Khaira wakes up. 

 I have to have a plan. Some days it's more elaborate then others and other days, I feel great if I just make all three meals or at least have a game plan for supper. 

Here's part of my plan.

Simple lunches

 It's basically almost always leftovers. At least once a week I make a big pot of soup. Especially in the cooler weather. We eat it for dinner one night, I freeze a meal's worth for another night and I serve up the rest for lunches throughout the week. 

And my other little thing that helps during this busy time. 

I eat lunch after my girls are in bed. 

I serve up a bowl of chicken noodle soup, grab a muffin from last night's dinner and head to the computer. I browse facebook for a few minutes, maybe read a few blogs, browse a little on Pinterest and occassionly write a little on here. A friend shared how she did that and I was like 'brilliant'. It works for me during this season and I'm actually able to enjoy my food and savor it rather then having it lukewarm as I put the binky back in Khaira's mouth and help Kilmeny finish up eating. 

I try to limit my screen time so that I can get a rest (ideally, of course. After all this is real life)  in before the girls wake up so that we can all be happy when Jared gets home. 

I know we all have crunch times, its not just a mum thing, it's part of this dance called life.

So, tell me how do you handle crunch time?


  1. I always love to end a particularly-stressful day (CH work, etc.) with my sisters and I piled on my Cal King bed, enjoying a dessert and an old movie, and just savoring our relaxful time together! :-)

  2. I do the same thing regarding lunch. It is so much easier to just get the girls fed and in bed and then enjoy my lunch and computer time! I love to have salad or artichokes, so that's typically what I eat while I browse away for a bit. Then the crunch is on to do more laundry, exercise or complete little projects. Like watering the plants! :-)

  3. I do the *same* lunch thing! Also do it with breakfast since Molly is still in the two (or more) naps per day stage. :) So much easier to eat a bowl of cereal without a wee one in my lap!
    Then it's time to speed-tidy the apartment, get dishes or laundry done, etc!



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