Monday, July 11, 2011

a weekend of loveliness

 We spent the weekend away with my husband's family. It was very nice. So many gifts to add to the treasure box of moments to be remembered. 

grace and forgiveness and honest communication

pouring rain, tons of mud and a warm welcome despite it all

chocolate cake with tea at 11 pm

conversations with little girls at 11:30pm

sunshine breaking through the clouds

tartan to wear for the Celtic Gathering

hearing bagpipes all day

picnic lunch in the garden

little girls in strollers

watching the Irish dancers and having my little Irish girl dance along

buying matching Celtic rings

riding a real steam-powered train

tasting haggis for the first time

riding the carousel with my little girl

free tickets to a football game

grandparents who love to watch our little girl

homemade doughnuts

conversations about weddings and relationships and food


custom-made drinks at Starbucks by my brother-in-law

spontaneous Sunday evening company


tears because we have loved so much

home to our own little hobbit hole 

1 comment:

  1. We wanted to go too, this weekend, but figured the weather would just be too tough to deal with - it's sad, 'cause we haven't missed a year in a while. Looks like you had fun, regardless!!! :-)



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