Friday, July 8, 2011

dream a little dream...

Once upon a time there were two sisters. They liked to do a lot of things together. When they were little, they were sure that their husbands were going to be best friends as well and they would all have fun adventures together. 

Then they got a little older. And one of the sisters got married. Over a late night chocolate fondue, the sisters remembered what they had said when they were younger and they hoped it would still come true. 

Then the other sister got married. And the two sisters lived far away from each other. And they didn't see each other as much. 
But then the one sister moved to where the other sister lived and they saw each other a lot. 
Their husbands are indeed really good friends and their kids think the world of each other. 

There were lots of late night visits that morphed into 'why don't you guys just spend the night?' 
Movie nights, watching the playoffs, spontaneous get togethers for snacks and games which always ended up being snacks and conversations.
Processing our pregnancies together....asking blunt questions...talking openly and honestly about our struggles and challenges...

Laughing....teasing....dinners out and dinners shoots...
Sharing opinions...not always agreeing...encouraging each other...
Stopping for Starbucks....the guys running out for just one more thing for dinner...babysitting...double dates
Pizza on our living room floor when they helped us with the huge job of unpacking in which everything needed to be washed down...

Watching Kilmeny and Ian's faces light up when they see each other....having the same sippy cups...keeping bananas and crackers on hand....having matching Ergos...anticipating the friends that our next two will be...

Scrap booking together...going to garage sales...having a spa date together...being emotional females, laughing and crying together...

Then the one sister and her husband and her little boy had to move.  All of them were quite sad but they had made a lot of memories together. And the dream they had dreamed when the sisters were little girls had come true. 

Thanks for the memories, we love you guys...


  1. this made my heart hurt and made me smile too:)

  2. Awwww! So special!

  3. Aww, made me all teary... sisters are so very special!

  4. Beautiful. :-) I'm so glad you guys have each other and have such WONDERFUL memories together. :-)

  5. Awww... Such sweet memories and photos! How blessed you two are!

    Breanne, I don't know if you'll remember me from *wayyyy* back to Rose of Sharon days. But I'm Holly? :)
    I'm all grown up now too, married and living in Hawaii with my husband. We're expecting our first in September!

    So happy to have found your little corner of the Internet!



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