Tuesday, July 5, 2011

and we're back!

Our hiatus from the online world was a bit longer then we expected but it was good. June was a very busy month around here and it was actually quite refreshing to not have the distraction of the computer.

We read lots of books. All of us. The library became even more familiar as I checked out stacks of books and availed myself of the computers there. When you only have twenty minutes, you check everything, respond to what you can and log off. That and the fact that Kilmeny is only happy in her stroller for so long without anything to do makes one hurry. 

A quilt was cut out. I've got five weeks to get it sewn together before it wraps up our new little one and we learn how to dance as a foursome. 

Lots of scrapbooking was done. Lots more is to be done in the said five weeks to finish up Kilmeny's first year.

Kilmeny with her uncle Abel, my little brother

Family visits were had and enjoyed. Greatly. 

cousins in jammies!
Our first CSA delivery happened and we happily munched on purple, white and red radishes. 

Many, many pictures were taken. Of walks to the farmer's market and cozy cousin time. Of visits with friends and one last sister picture. 

More memories made and treasured.

Ian (my nephew) and Kilmeny, best of friends

And we realized that we actually liked not having the computer around as much. It pushed us over the brink to realize that no, we didn't want a TV on our wall. We'd rather look at a canvas print. 
It helped motivate us to turn off the computer earlier each night and to keep it off certain days which in turn motivates me to use the time I have on the computer wisely. 
And it made me thankful to have it back for inspiration for dinner recipes and figuring out what to do with the mold in the laundry basket.

What have you been up too?

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