Friday, April 15, 2011

How to Settle into a New Place with a Toddler

I have moved a lot. I have helped others move. And each move is different from the one before. This is the first time that I have moved and started the house to home transformation with a toddler. 

Anyone who has little ones can attest to the fact that life moves at a different pace and there are all sorts of interruptions and distractions. And that's just normal life. Moving, unpacking, and settling in is a whole other issue. 

I like to include Kilmeny in whatever I am doing around the house, keeping her close to me so I can be aware of what she is doing and also so that I can explain the different processes and reasons for what I am doing. She picks up so much just by watching me and likes to imitate whatever I am doing. 

Here is what works for me. 

  • Enjoy each moment. Kilmeny and I high five when I empty a box, one of her new skills, and she loves being able to get in on the excitement.
  • Take lots of breaks to read stories, play blocks, have a snack, go for a walk and snuggle on the couch. At the end of the day we're both happy and some boxes got dealt with. 
  • Set boundaries. I can't be constantly holding Kilmeny and hoisting boxes around the storage room. She needs to play by herself some of the time. 
  • Let little ones be little ones. Sometimes they just need that extra attention and focus to know that everything is okay. They don't understand all the transitions in the same way we do. And, I'll be honest, sometimes I feel like breaking down and crying too. 
  • Maintain normal life as much as possible. For your own sanity and for the sake of your little one. 
  • Let them empty boxes and play with kitchen utensils if it keeps them occupied. You just might want to wash everything again before using for food usage. =)
  • Enjoy the moments. The progress, the giggles, the frustrations, the curiosity. Soon the house will be a home and everything will feel like it's always been that way.


  1. Yeppers! You got it, girl! Letting them be near is the best way for them to learn, and then they turn around and bless you by wanting to help when they're bigger. It's amazing how much help a two year old can be:o) And yeah, I feel like crying sometimes too! I find I have to tell myself to step back, take a breath and just enjoy the moment. I never regret time spent playing with my kids. :o)

  2. Good thoughts Bre! Thanks for sharing. :-)


  3. I hear you! I've moved twice now with toddlers in tow, and your advice is so true!
    Blessings on you and your home and little todder (who is wearing a certain little polka dot shirt I think I remember! :)



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