Tuesday, April 12, 2011


 We're home. Home in our own little hobbit hole. Home with all of our stuff surrounding us. Home with our routines and schedules being worked out. Home as a cozy place to have friends over to laugh with and talk with and be encouraged by. 

It's been a long time coming. In the 2 1/2 years since being married, we have lived in New Zealand, out of a backpack through Australia and Asia, in a little basement suite that basically housed our belongings while we road tripped across the States, farm sat with six horses in rural Alberta, sub-let an apartment in Ontario and a house in Montreal while pursuing music, and lived with my husband's family. We wouldn't trade any of those experiences for anything they've all been part of the journey and adventure of our life. But it feels so good to be putting some roots down, small and cautious though they may be. 

These last several months have been a lot of processing and working things through for me personally. Adjusting to life as it is now and embracing it fully. 
I feel the fog lifting and life springing forth again. 
And it feels so good. 

It also feels so good to be blogging again. Thank-you for sticking around and checking in on this little blog even when there's been nothing new for awhile. 
The boxes are being emptied and bags are being filled for the thrift store and the books are waiting for more shelves to house them. And I am loving this process! 

pictures: Kilmeny in her new-to-her red dress, all ready for church!


  1. Aw! Wanna see some pictures! So, did you buy a home?

  2. Laura, it's getting picture worthy. ;-) We still have a number of boxes and bins to be dealt with. We're renting a basement suite, I refer to it as our hobbit hole from Lord of the Rings. =)

    Ashley, thank-you!! =)

  3. It is so nice for you to have your own place again. I look forward to pictures.



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