Sunday, March 20, 2011


Anticipation is part of the enjoyment. Reliving the memories is another. 
I'm going away for a few days, a week to be exact, with my husband. He has to go to Vancouver for training, I get to go along and hang out. Scrapbook, read, write, ponder, watch the ocean, catch up with relatives....
I can't wait.  

It's the city of my birth. Literally. And as much as I love where we live now, there's just something about hearing the ocean and smelling that tang that always feels like home to me. It's going to be a special week. 
Our little princess isn't coming with us. We thought she would be much happier hanging out with her aunt and uncle and little cousin, whom she adores. 
We will miss her. And it will be so good to come home to her smiles and bright eyes. 

We spent the day chilling as a family. Running a few errands, picking up some last minute items, laughing and enjoying our little threesome. 
I have a half full suitcase on my bedroom floor. I really should be packing. But I'm here, writing.
I wanted to have a whole week of posts ready to go up but I kissed my husband and made my baby girl laugh instead. Making some of those memories. 
I hope your week is full of anticipation of sweet things and days that are filled with soon-to-become memories. 


  1. have a wonderful time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So fun--I love trips away!! What kind of training is Jared having?



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