Monday, March 21, 2011

counting the gifts


breakfast with my sister and brother-in-law before our flight

goodbye kisses from my little baby girl

sunny skies and bright yellow daffodils

my husband who plans the best surprises for me

meeting a friend who is a kindred spirit and talking for hours

beautiful food that tastes as amazing as it looks

familiar West Coast drizzle and ocean tang


multi-grain bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jam

being at peace inside and finding such enjoyment in the little things


  1. The daffodils are out here in Kentucky too! They are a beautiful sign that Spring is here. Came across your blog from "A Holy Experience." Have a blessed day.


  2. I love your list of beautiful things, Breanne! :-) A friend knew I was sick and surprised me with dinner AND groceries last night. Meant the world to me. :-)

  3. Your list is so beautiful! And the last one --- being at peace inside ---- seemed to take the whole list and put it into one big gratitude! Peace is such a great thing, and believe me, the older you get, the more important it is to you! Thanks so much for sharing today! It was good to be here!



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