Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I'm stealing a quiet moment to pop on here and wish all of you a most happy Christmas. I hope it's filled with all sorts of special moments that will turn into treasured memories over the years. 

Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner is baking, the stockings are being stuffed and the last few gifts are being wrapped and placed amid the mountain that is being created under the tree. We bustled about today baking and preparing food for tomorrow. We laughed at the two little cousins interactions. We took pictures. We even wiped a few tears away. Christmas is always a bittersweet time- treasuring what we have, re-living memories and knowing that life is full of changes. 

I am home with my family and drinking every moment up. It's been very special. Kilmeny is warming up to all her uncles and loves her little cousin Ian. We're just teaching her that she can't poke his eyes out or crawl all over him in an effort to get to a toy. 

Enjoy your Christmas wherever you are and whoever you are with this festive holiday! 


  1. Merry Christmas to you, too, Breanne! Sounds like you're having a wonderful Christmas! xoxo

  2. How sweet!! I look forward to pictures of everyone!

  3. Drink deep and enjoy...the blessings of God are all around us! And more to come in the new year. God is good!



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