Saturday, December 18, 2010

6 years ago, I was watching our house burn down and felt like my world as I knew it had completely crumbled. Christmas Day, two days later, was an unbelievable gift spent with my precious family and dear friends who opened their home and hearts to us. 
 5 years ago, I was celebrating our new house with my family and relishing in all our traditions. Life was so beautiful.
4 years ago, I spent most of December my fall in a fog feeling like dreams never came true the way you wanted them too and that there never would be the perfect guy for me. There was a moment of epiphany that year when I realized that I didn't *need* that perfect guy to complete me. God loved me as I was. And my parents loved me. So grateful for them.
3 years ago, I was checking my email and blog to see if that boy with the amazing blue eyes had written me again. I liked him. I knew that much and I wanted to continue being friends with him. 

2 years ago, I was listening to Josh Groban sing I'll be Home for Christmas  while working in a New Zealand orchard and knowing I wouldn't be home that year. I had married that boy with the amazing blue eyes and we were on our epic trip. We opened our stockings and then went to the beach with our Kiwi family. They loved on us and we made incredible memories.

1 year ago, I was anticipating the birth of our first child. Feeling very much like Mary who was great with child, Kilmeny was born 3 days after Christmas Day and has been an incredible gift every since. 

This year, I'm going home for Christmas. And I get to be with some of my favorite people in the whole world. And introduce Jared to all the wonderful Funston Christmas traditions. 

photo: Christmas in New Zealand


  1. Sniff sniff, I loved this! It choked me up. how beautiful life is?!

  2. Aww! I didn't know (or remember :-) Kilmeny was born only 3 days after Christmas!

  3. ...and yet so often we look at our current reality and don't think it'll ever change... 6 short years and what a roller-coaster God has taken you on. Life is a beautiful thing. We serve a God of surprises. xo



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