Tuesday, November 9, 2010

a mummy-daughter date

 Kilmeny and I have been going on these dates together from the time she was two weeks old. We step into a coffee shop, find a cozy, quiet corner, I order something and we settle in. The first time we did this, I spent the whole time watching people and taking in every bit of this little baby that was mine. This time, it was Starbucks. Jared was playing for some friends, a mock mock audition, and so Kilmo and I kept warm and cozy at the coffee shop. And then everybody joined us when the music was all done. 
We both had books. And I shared my toffee nut mocha. Kilmeny was more interested in the girl who was near us than reading. The girl was more interested in Kilmeny than studying. ;-) They had quite the conversation.

Christopher Robin Gives Pooh a Party and The Hobbit  were our books of choice. And since Kilmeny was entertained, I could delve into the world of dwarves, dragons and a brave hobbit and feel a little more brave myself. I did laugh (quietly) out loud at Bilbo's reasoning with Smaug and cheered (internally) when Bard killed the dragon.  
 This is what it looks like when you are ten months old. Our little corner was pretty much empty except for the student and another patron who let me know when Kilmeny was escaping her little corner. They were charmed by her and I was relieved that they weren't bothered by her little noises.
It was a special time. A tradition that we will keep up even after she outgrows Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear and she can order her own drink.

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  1. love it! That is one thing we've always missed here in our little town, no coffee shops to hole up in...



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