Wednesday, November 10, 2010

 I was so blessed and loved by all your comments, messages and posts on my facebook and blog, thank-you. =) It was so special to be loved and to celebrate my day with so many friends, thank-you for making it special. It really and truly meant a lot to me. I cried. And it was a beautiful thing. I'm excited to tell you about my day and share the memories with you all. Kind of like prolonging the loveliness. 

We all slept in, even Kilmeny, which was a treat. Jared then told me what the first surprise of the day was, we were going out to Cora's which is fast becoming our favorite special breakfast destination. It was started here in Montreal  and has since expanded across Canada. The food is really good, the presentation is impeccable and the fruit is fresh. 

We decided to go out of Montreal and see a little bit of the surrounding countryside on our drive. Outside of Montreal, English is not commonly spoken which added to the memory of our breakfast out. Halfway through our meal, a waitress came over and asked us something. Thinking that she asked us if everything was good, we nodded and then she started taking our plates away. We said no, sorry we're not done. She felt terrible and all the staff gave us smiles as they passed us. It was rather humorous but it was a good reminder to us to clarify everything before agreeing to something. =)   

Kilmeny slept the entire time despite the full restaurant and we enjoyed being able to talk together and just be together.
 I had 'raspberry 4 lucie', a delectable crepe filled with raspberries, English cream and raspberry coulis. It was just as yummy as it was beautiful. 

We came home for a bit, read together and then got ready to wander around Old Montreal. The cobblestone streets, the old style lamps, the little cafes and shops, the walled gardens make it a wonderful place to wander and drink in the history. 

After a subway ride home, we got changed for our evening out. It has been such a gift to have a friend who is willing to watch Kilmeny for us, it's enabled us to have some time out together just as a twosome. This was the first time that Kilmeny really cried when we left, she is definitely getting older and understanding more.  

 We went to a fondue place which was a first for both of us. When we stepped in the door, I could see a bouquet of flowers on one of the tables and thought, 'how special' and then we were led right to that table! I was floored, Jared had ordered a beautiful arrangement for our table since it was my 25th. We had so much fun together. The manager walked us through the process and recommended menu items to us and told us to take our time. I love to sit and savor and talk while I eat and fondue was a perfect choice to do that. It was all very good. We split a dessert of profiteroles which were absolutely divine. They put sparklers in the profiteroles since it was my birthday. I was so excited and watched the sparklers that I didn't get a picture of them all ablaze. 
We lingered long, talking, remembering, dreaming and enjoying a special celebration. It was a wonderful day.


  1. Sooo lovely - looks like it was an exquisite day!!! :)

  2. I'm so glad you had a wonderful day!!

  3. that does sound like a divine birthday!
    Old Montreal looks amazing!

  4. What fun birthday celebrations! :-) I glad you had a wonderful day! Happy birthday, a little late!



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