Monday, October 25, 2010

Laughter and Kisses

Right up there with washing the dishes and making the bed on my daily to-do list is making Kilmeny laugh. It's the line below kissing my husband. 
 Taking the time to make Kilmeny laugh means I have to get down on her level and play peek a boo or read a rhyming story book, tapping the rhythm on her leg as we turn the pages. 

It means I can't just keep her occupied with toys, I have to play with her and the toys. It means rolling a jar of beans across the floor and watching her eyes light up. It means putting away my own idea of how each day should go and being flexible to her needs. It means talking in silly voices and gibberish. Between Jared and I we have invented a whole new language and it sends us into peals of laughter which then makes Kilmeny laugh and we are all happy. 

I read a list of the things you really should do, things that are actually worth doing. Things like if you're going to stop and smell the flowers, make it a gardenia because they have the most scent. And that making your bed is one of the best seven minutes you can spend all day. Smoothing the blankets, fluffing the pillows, giving it an extra tug helps to smooth your thoughts so you can flip your hair over your shoulder and face the rest of the day with a smile. Another item that stood out to me was floor time with your spouse. Studies have shown that when parents take the time to get on the floor with their toddler and interact on their level without distractions, the toddler sleeps better, is able to interact well with others and is a lot happy. I could have told you that without the studies. 
And when I take the time to be quiet and listen to my husband talk and dream and process with me, when we just sit and cuddle, when I interact with him and see things from his perspective (as best as I can!), we are knit tighter together and everything flows so much better. 
There is peace in the home.  

Some days, it feels like I don't get anything done. But then I sit and watch my little girl climb the stairs, looking back and smiling impishly at me, I rub my husband's shoulders - tight from all that practicing - and I think this is what I do. I'm a wife and a mom. It doesn't sound as glamourous  as other positions but tell me, is there a sound sweeter than a little child's laugh?

What do you do to keep perspective on life? And tell me, am I the only one who can rattle on in full sentence utter gibberish?

And counting my gifts....51-60 

- sweet baby smell 
- orange leaves brilliant against the grey sky
- His perfect provision which is always enough  
- having my own washer and dryer 
- afghans for chilly nights 
- finishing a book I've wanted to read for awhile 
- seeing God work in our lives 
- hearing my husband perfect a passage of music 
- creating beauty in my kitchen 
- the anticipation of going home for Christmas 

holy experience


  1. This was a really special post and a great reminder! I've been working very much on restructuring a lot of the way we do our daily routine and while there's always been cuddle and play time, I'm adding more and more of it wherever I can! I remember a little poem that was on a plate in our house growing up:

    There's bunnies to dust in the corners
    Dirt from this house to sweep
    But quiet down cobwebs and dishes alike
    'Cause I'm rocking my baby
    And babies don't keep!

  2. Oh no, Breanne, you aren't the only one who quotes whole sentences in baby talk!! I've had years of practice :-P



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