Wednesday, October 27, 2010

my Kilmo girl

 I followed Kilmeny around yesterday with a camera to capture some of her everyday, at home moments. 

 The toy basket. First to be looked over and then emptied in whatever way works the best, pulling towards oneself usually works the best.

 Once it has been emptied out, one can actually see what the options are. She chose to work on her numbers. What a smart girl.

And then we could always switch it up and look at library books on the cool little table Mommy made out of bins. It doesn't matter if the words are upside down, we all know it's about the pictures anyways.

She's an ambitious little thing. Climbing the stairs and then showing off by waving. Eeesh. I no longer sit passively at the bottom of the stairs with my journal while she climbs the stairs. Before three stairs was a big thrill, now it's climbing all the way and into her bedroom.

And this is classic Kilmeny. In fact, as I write she is on the floor with one shoe on and one shoe off. She loves to pull her shoes and then her socks off and does so on a frequent basis. She is attached to her shoes, just not to wearing them. 

Just another day with my little Kilmo girl.

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