Sunday, October 24, 2010

all about Kilmeny

I thought it would be fun to put together a post all about Kilmeny with more pictures from the shoot Jared did of her a couple weeks ago. There is no way I can put all those pictures in her scrapbook so I'll show them off here and then select a few favorites to go with her ten month page. As an FYI, I wrote this post with our families in mind- it's been a long time since they've seen Kilmeny and I thought it would be fun to tell them all about our little princess as she is now.

Kilmeny has six teeth. 4 on the top, 2 on the bottom. When she smiles, it almost looks like she has a full mouth of teeth. She weighs 16 pounds, more than double what she weighed at birth. Her eyes are looking more and more green. And her hair tends to be auburn or brown, depending on the light. I get told a lot that she looks like me. By people who know us and by perfect strangers. 

She likes to crawl everywhere. Her favorite forbidden places to escape to right now are the cd shelf in the living room, under the computer desk with all the cords and the cupboard under the sink filled with cleaning supplies. Her other favorites include the pot cupboard, the bottom of the pantry shelf and the bin of clothespins. We do color sorting and focus on one color a day. Seriously. 
She does pull herself up on things and on a frequent basis. Her record for standing up by herself is 7 seconds. She will walk, if she feels like, while we hold her and walk with her. But only when she feels like it and definitely not when we are showing this new skill to someone else. 

Kilmeny loves babies and little children. She gets a huge smile when she sees them at the park or the store or in pictures. She charms people wherever she goes and loves the attention she gets. Talk and smile to her, you are her friend. 

Her sleepy-time music is Jared playing the violin. Seriously. She goes to sleep the best when he's practicing scales. She loves music of any kind and already has the dancing thing down pat. As soon as our work-out dvd starts up, she starts moving. It's hilarious actually. She spends our work-out time in her bumbo with her basket of toys close at hand. And she pretty much has learned to stay in her bumbo for the whole time. It's great training. 

Kilmeny loves to eat. She gets excited when she sees the little orange bowl with some mashed up food in it. She also likes to nosh on various foods. Her favorites are carrots and apples. She gnaws on them like a little beaver. She likes to watch me as I prepare meals. I talk her through whatever I am doing and give a spoon or measuring cup to play with. It's fun and entertaining for both of us. 

When she was born, everyone wanted to know what we would call her for short. We've called her Kilmo from birth and have since added all kinds of names to the list. Names like Kilmo-Bilmo, Pooky, Bilbo, Baby Girl and other made up on the spot names that slightly resemble gibberish if they were to be typed out. She's pretty precious to us and we love her very much.  

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  1. She is such an adorable little dolly! Love that smile. :-)



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