Wednesday, October 20, 2010

and this is how we live our life

 I was thinking throughout the day of different things I wanted to write about- what I'm reading, what I'm doing with Kilmeny, recipes I'm trying out and we're enjoying, and what life looks like in Montreal this autumn. 

I loaded blogger, edited the pictures I took this afternoon, and then she cried. And I sighed. Walked up the stairs. Picked her up. Wrapped her tight and held her close. I walked and prayed and cried, a little. My little one has a cold and she's teething. There isn't much I can do for, poor lamb. But as I relaxed so did Kilmeny. And she fell back asleep. 

 And I was reminded once again of why we do what we do. Seriously my evening plans aren't that important when my little girl needs some extra cuddle time. Even when it seems like I don't get any of  'my' stuff done, it's totally worth it to have my baby fall asleep in my arms and settle contentedly on her quilt. She's safe and secure and happy. Really that's all that matters. 

Tomorrow's another day. 


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