Tuesday, October 19, 2010

mont tremblant

We had been wanting to do a hot dog roast for sometime, kind of a farewell to summer. We had all the supplies and were looking up a park that would allow us to have a campfire. We came across Mont Tremblant Parc. It is the largest national park in the Quebec park system and is also the oldest. The park has 6 rivers, 400 lakes and streams throughout its boundaries. It has year-round activities including cross-country skiing, canoeing and backpacking. 

It is a two hour drive northwest of Montreal through the mountains and on the autumn day, it was a beautiful drive. There was just enough color left on the hills to create an inspiring panorama as we drove through various small towns and ski resorts. We also wanted to do a fall photo shoot with Kilmeny. We drove along a gravel road for about ten minutes once we had passed the park boundary looking for a suitable place to get out. The air was nippy and we knew this would be one of the last weekends of autumn. We had a fabulous time taking pictures of Kilmeny, making her laugh and smile for the camera and just generally drinking in the incredible beauty. 
There wasn't any obvious place to have a campfire, so we pulled into an area that looked like it might work. There was signs of a fire there so we thought it would be fine. We started setting up. Jared made a marvelous fire and Kilmeny was super cozy in her stroller all bundled with blankets. A couple pulled up to get water from a spring nearby and told us that we were on an ATV trail but it should be quiet since it was suppertime. And then, after some consultation with each other, invited us to share the rest of their turkey dinner with them or just warm up by their fire. We thanked them warmly but stuck with our original plan. We watched the sun set through the trees, ate our dark chocolate s'mores, invented a new way to melt the chocolate and debated the way we roast our marshmallows. Jared roasts his to a perfect golden glow. I roast mine until they're on fire, all crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside. Yum! 

 It really was a perfect autumn outing. The colors were vibrant, the air had a touch of a nip to it, the company was superb.

 What is your favorite way to roast a marshmallow? Golden or burnt? 

photos by Jared, I know, he's amazing. =)


  1. What fun! I enjoy my marshmallows roasted to a golden brown. I eat the outside once it's turned brown and then roast it again, yum!

  2. definitely on fire...I pull off the blackened jacket and smash the goo onto my graham crackers...ooooh I want smores now.

    lovely pictures indeed, you guys look like you have so much fun :)

  3. We are the opposite of you at our place - I roast them to golden and Steve burns them. I used to think that he just lacked the patience to roast them to golden...but I discovered that he LIKES them that way.
    I think it is an art form - you know, never really understood by anyone but the artist. ;)

  4. I don't really enjoy marsh mellows, (I'm not patient enough to roast them.=) but when I do eat them, definitely golden brown! Cute pictures of Kilmeny! She's getting big!

    ~Susanna Criss

  5. Hilarious pic of you, Breanne! :-P I'm not crazy at all about marshmallows, but if I do have a s'more, it must be perfectly golden and cooked through :-)



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