Thursday, September 9, 2010

stateside wanderings: armenian food and a birthday

Our first day was spent at home, visiting, playing and making food. Ashley and I had a famously long talk in the living room while the guys were busy in the kitchen. And the little ones were playing happily together. One of those perfect days. Of course, because it was my honey's birthday. I asked him several times before we left if he was okay with being gone over his birthday. He was. He knew how much this visit meant to me and we would celebrate his day later. Well, I love his family's tradition of celebrating right on the date and wanted to make his day special even though we were away. 

John made armenian food which was absolutely delish and is the food of his heritage.  I had never had it before and I love it! So flavorful. And such a perfect birthday meal. It was an all day affair but the results were so yummy. We girls helped out a little with the grape leaves. Getting just the right amount of rice on the leaf and rolling it up just so....

I skewered veggies for the grill. Jared was teasing me like crazy and then took a picture so he got a look. ;-)
Ashley made her amazing Greek salad

Joshua was waiting for the yummy meal to begin....

After we gathered the dishes in the house, Ashley and I tidied up in the kitchen while the guys visited in the living room. Actually John made sure Jared stayed in the living room while Ashley and I got the cake ready. Earlier in the day, John had brought home a DQ ice cream cake and managed to hide it in the freezer without Jared noticing. We wanted to maintain the surprise since Jared is so hard to surprise.

It worked. He was floored. It was so special of them to get the cake and make his day memorable. John even went the extra mile and got us coffee from Wawa, so we could try that coffee and have it with our cake. Yum. 

We sat around eating cake, drinking coffee, talking and laughing until it was late. Sigh. Happy moments. 


  1. Very nice. Indeed a happy birthday. Jared's getting old!

  2. I love it! I love how you put such an effort into making Jared's birthday so special, it's an inspiration to me! :) I'm so glad you got to have such a good, filling visit with John and Ashley, yay for friends!



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