Wednesday, September 8, 2010

stateside wanderings: city of brotherly love

We took an afternoon to explore the city of Philadelphia and to see some of the historic places. Our first stop, after finding parking, was the Curtis Institute of Music. Jared was thrilled to actually be there, so many world class musicians have studied there. It's tucked away amidst streets named after composers and old buildings. 

We set out for the old city, stopping for a lunch break along the way. It was so incredible to actually be there where many historic events had taken place. Even though we're not American, we were in awe at the history and it made all the stories about the 1776 revolution come to life. It was also fun to see a lot of the locations that were in National Treasure 2. I know, it's a movie but it has taken on a life of its own in my family and between Jared and I. So it was a bit of a running joke all day long.

 There were several reenactments going on in various parts of the city including an enlistment into General Washington's army. They played Yankee Doodle with a fife and a drum. I loved it.
 Yes, we were there! We were able to get a tour of Independence Hall even though we didn't have tickets because some people didn't show up. The detail in the architecture was incredible. No, we did not climb to the clock tower. ;-)
 The actual Liberty Bell.
 Independence Hall.
 Where they held their parties and other get-togethers. I could imagine the great hall lit with candles and filled with swirling dresses and stamping boots. 


  1. Breanne! You Canadian, you make me, an American, SOO jealous!!! :-P You have seen so much of what I want to see!! :-P Maybe someday... :-)

  2. What fun adventures you're having! Love all these great pictures. :-)

  3. I love all these pictures Breanne! How totally fun that you got to go to all those places! It's almost as good as being there myself when I read your blog....almost. :P
    That's hilarious about NT, I know I'd be thinking about that the whole time too. :P



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